Be Human First, Then Religious


NNDYM Fit is an effort to promote a healthy lifestyle for everyone. Through exercising and eating right, as well as raising awareness for common health risks and mental health, we encourage taking care of our bodies for life. We also see today’s youth getting involved in undeniably wrong habits such as smoking, drinking, and other harmful drugs. NNDYM Fit stresses upon these acts being wrong from health point of view and not a religious one. With the full support of our team we present to you: NNDYM FIT, making lifestyle changes isn’t easy, that is why, together we will travel down this path.

We will begin with a newsletter, it will include ways to change our lives for the better. With advice on food choices and work out tips, these newsletters will just be the start of how NNDYM FIT will be helping you impact your health and future.

In addition, in our sampraday we always stress the idea of giving. NNDYM FIT wants to achieve this idea by donating to causes that have the ability to change more than just ourselves. We will be selling merchandise that will have profits go directly to worthy charities. What you get out of this is awesome gear that shows your commitment to living better but also the satisfaction of knowing you’re making a difference. For now, we will only be selling NNDYM FIT T-Shirts for online order (NNDYM Fit T-shirt orders have ended. Additional T-shirts will be available at NNDYM Camp 2016. )

NNDYM FIT as an organization is set on helping you so that you can help yourself as well as those around you, join our #FitNation¬†now!¬† We have posted a 5 part guide for you…