Be Human First, Then Religious

Beginners Guide

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Part 1: Nutrition

Nutrition Maybe your doctor told you that you need to lose weight. Maybe you’re sick and tired of being the self-deprecating big guy/girl in your group of friends. Maybe you just had your first kid and realized you need to be there for him growing up. Maybe you woke up this morning, looked in the […]

Part 2: Supplementation

Supplementation BCAA : BCAA blends Are great for anyone training hard and heavy. They help preserve lean muscle, support muscle growth and promote muscle recovery.* Because BCAAs are metabolized in the muscle, they can be used for building new proteins or for energy.* BCAAs Branched Chain Amino Acids – Leucine, Isoleucine and Valine – promote […]

Part 3: Workouts

Beginners workout routine : Without further ado lets jump into this.. Now that we’ve learned about nutrition, let’s get into the basics of training. Decide your goals : Sure, not everyone wants to be a bodybuilder or compete in Olympic sports but it is 100% crucial to weight train to keep your muscles strong, have […]

Part 4: Diet Plan

WEEK 1-4 WAKE UP : take your vitamins and minerals with 16 oz of water BREAKFAST : 1 cup Oatmeal , add 1-2 tbsp of honey 1 cup cooked Mung beans or a protein drink TAKE : 5g Glutamine , 5g BCAAs Meal one : 1 cup of broccoli , 1 cup cooked white rice […]

Part 5: Grocery List

FOOD LIST (This is your grocery and dairy list you’ll need throughout the program) * shop according your portion sizes* Proteins : – Seitan – Tofu – Cottage cheese – Yellow dal (pigeon peas) – Black beans – Mung beans – Whey protein – quinoa Carbs : – Sweet potato – White rice – Brown […]