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Part 3: Workouts

Beginners workout routine :

Without further ado lets jump into this.. Now that we’ve learned about nutrition, let’s get into the basics of training.

Decide your goals :
Sure, not everyone wants to be a bodybuilder or compete in Olympic sports but it is 100% crucial to weight train to keep your muscles strong, have healthy bones, healthy connective tissues, strong ligament , joints and tendons, have higher cardiovascular endurance and muscular endurance.

Weather it is losing weight, or gaining muscle. Decide what you want before anything else

Now let’s go BACK TO THE BASICS , YES!
These days you see guys at gym , maybe the saw a cover story in a magazine on how to get abs. The answer would be circuit training… Next thing you know every guy/ girl in the gym is circuit training their abs. No silly folks it doesn’t work that way
Get back to the basics


Nothing beats that!
Ok so Wait so how do I get some Gunzzz (arms)

Deadlifts – traps, legs ,lats, low back , mid back, and forearms and added bonus it helps releasing growth hormone in the body so next time you’re in the gym do some heavy deadlifts .. But with proper form
Bench press – got triceps?
Squats – name a muscle which doesn’t work

Remember .. Always stick to the basics! The biggest mistake people do today is to move away from the basics. These basics movements are compound – meaning the work more muscle fibers than any other isolation exercise resulting in more musclgrowth! What happens when you move away from the basics? Simple .. You either get injured or lose the size you had. See the huge bodybuilders today? Ask them what’s their training like.. BASICS EXERCISES AND CONSISTENCY!

Weather you’re a guy or a girl, beginner or advanced .. Stick to the basics
No girls you’re not gonna get a thick waist or hip by lifting heavy or doing squats or deadlifts .. Just strong and overall rounded physique

Let’s get to one of the myths people is true :

Weightlifting makes women bulky : WRONG…!
Those muscular women you find in muscle magazines had to use steroids to get to that point. As women you can get stronger, improve your physique but you’ll never get as much muscle mass as men because you have lower testosterone levels. You’ll always stay feminine unless you use steroids

** Follow this plan to the T and you’ll hit your fitness goals in 12 weeks **
** remember this plan is for both Guys and Girls , you’ll only get strong , build muscle and shred away all the fats**

Week 1-4 : this is where you work on your form , check you ego at the gym door
Remember #1 thing is form meaning how you perform the exercise
Chose as much weight as you can lift with perfect form to perform the exercise.
> Keep the CARBS moderately high
> For example if you’re eating 3000 Calories. Up the caloric intake to 3500
We will cut those calories as we get stronger
> perform cardio 4 times per week for 30 mins
> add weights as you get stronger and master the form
> remember each set is your last set, give it your all and take yourself to failure

** NOTE ** P.S. Refer to to check how the exercises are performed correctly, or take help of experienced lifters at gym or instructors to guide you through the form.

4 x 15 squats (do body weight squats if you cannot perform barbell squats, go to failure if you’re performing body weight squats)
4 x 15 deadlifts (use moderately heavy weight without compromising the form)
4 x 15 flat bench press
4 x 15 military press

Day 2 : CARDIO & ABS
30 mins of cardio (stationary bike, treadmill, elliptical)
4 x 25 crunches
4 x 15 leg/knee raises


4 x 10 barbell squats
4 x 10 leg press
4 x 15 straight leg deadlift

4 x to failure push-ups
4 x failure dips
4 x 10 clean and press
4 x 10 Upright rows
4 x 8 barbell rows
4 x to failure wide grip pull ups



WEEK 4-8 : So now you’ve pretty much learned the basics let’s get to next step
This is where we put on serious size and get lean
> cut down caloric intake to 3000
> remember- the only calories you’re cutting is carbs and fats
> increase cardio to 5 x per week for 40 mins
EACH SET IS TILL FAILURE , FOR EXAMPLE : IF you’re doing 15 reps make sure you’re stumbling to get the weight up on the 15th rep
> perform Ab work with every cardio session – do :
crunches 5 x 25
Leg raises 5 x 25

6 x 15,12,10,8,8,8, Squats
5 x 10 leg press
4 x 12 Leg extensions superset with leg curls

DAY 2 : CHEST (perform cardio on day 2)
6 x 15,10,8,8,8,6 incline bench press
5 x 15,10,8,8,8 flat d-bell press
4 x 12 flat bench flys

DAY 3 : SHOULDERS ( perform cardio on day 3)
4 x 8 clean and press
4 x 6 heavy d-bell press press
4 x 12 lateral raise superset w/ front raise
3 x 8 upright rows

DAY 4 : ARMS (perform cardio day 4)
6 x 10 close grip bench
3 x 12 d-bell triceps extensions
4 x 10 tricep push downs

4 x 10 barbell curls
3 x 12 incline d-bell curls
3 x 15 hammer grip curls

6 x 6 Deadlifts (remember: warm up before getting to the weight with which you can do 6 reps.. Let’s assume you do 135lbs/60kgs for 6 reps , warm up with 60lbs ,80lbs,110lbs ..)
4 x 10 pull downs
5 x 8 barbell rows


Week 9-12
> Cut the caloric intake by 500 , so if you started at 3500 for first four weeks – 3000 calories for next four weeks and 2500 calories for last four weeks
>increase cardio to 60 mins x 5 times per week
>perform Ab work after/before every cardio session :
– Crunches 5 x 25
– Leg raises 5 x 25
> for the Twelfth week cut down carbohydrate intake to the minimum (refer the diet)

6 x 5 Squats
4 x 15 Narrow stance Leg press
4 x 15 leg extensions
4 x 15 Leg Curls

DAY 2 : CHEST (perform cardio on day 2)
6 x 5 incline Bench press
4 x 10 decline / flat d-bell bench press
4 x 15 flat bench flys
4 x 15 pullovers

DAY 3 : SHOULDERS (perform cardio on day 3)
4 x 6 D-bell seated shoulder press
4 x 15 Lateral raise
4 x 15 Rear delt flys
5 x 12 Heavy Upright rows

DAY 4 : ARMS (perform cardio on day 4)
4 x 8 Barbell curls
4 x 6 cable curls
4 x 8 heavy concentration curls

6 x 8 Close grip bench press
4 x 10 2 arm d-bell tricep extensions
4 x 15 tricep push downs

6 x 3 Deadlifts
4 x 10 Cable rows
4 x 6 heavy d-bell rows
3 x 10 Wide grip pull downs
3 x 10 Narrow Grip pull downs

DAY 6 & 7 : PERFORM CARDIO for 60 mins

Happy training!
For Questions email at , we’d love to help you out and hear from you

Always Train smart, Stay Strong!